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    I finish this August with my associates in Allied Health Science in Nursing. I’m an STNA, and I have been an STNA for 3 years. Unfortunately I have to take a small break due to funds, and my chemisty class starting the same time I’m finishing philosophy. My associates degree was from an online acredited program. I plan on going to my local community college. My goal is to become an RN, but I have no one to go to for questions on this, and whether I’m doing everything right so far.


    I would check with the admissions director for the nursing program at the community college you plan to attend to see what you will need in order to meet their program requirements. The only thing that I would add is that because it is an online degree that you are completing, some of the credits that you have taken may not transfer – i.e. with a science class, you may need a lab component in order to receive credit for completing it.


    I totally hear ya. I am actually more concerned about my pathway after RN school. It’s really discouraging to hear the new grad RNs not getting jobs. Ugh.


    I started in nursing as an LPN. Then after a yr or so I went to college for my Associate Degree and an RN. I was married with 2 boys at the time…I was working in an ICU but really burned out as I never had enough assistance and was left alone many time with 4 or 5 patients and perhaps 2 on vents so I left and eventually became a DON in a nursing facility…I started in a BSN program part time at a local college but was offered a great job as a RN consultant that required a lot of driving every day and time away from home when needed…I was also divorced by now…After many years I finally went back to college in a night program and finally got my BSN…I’m telling you my story because there are so many different paths to where you want to go…I would advise you to work toward your RN BSN because in todays work settings and economy you will have an edge up…As you’re young I would also tell you to start part time to work toward your MSN slowly be consistently after you graduate…It’s necessary so advance and looks good on your resume to be able to say working toward my MSN at ??? university…I agree Daniel to check on all your courses to make sure they transfer…This the first thing you should do as most colleges will not except science courses without labs…I had to take some extra courses that were new to the program because I had never matriculated when I originally started working on my BSN so I know from experience…Good luck my dear and keep in touch with all of us through this posting….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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