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    Any of you run across situations where certain companies have LPNs doing the work of RNs because its a money thing? Also, it stinks because it was much easier to pick up extra shifts as an LPN. Only a certain # of “RN hours,” available. I work for two different companies, and each has their pros and cons. One is super careful about titles and the other really is not. Both clients technically have the same rating as far as pay, but the workload is way different. One is much more stable and needs lots fewer interventions than the other.


    I’ve seen the use of LPNs come and go. A couple AWESOME LPNs in the ER trained me, but now we have no LPNs and only one is allowed to float down here, but can’t do triage. I think many hospitals are currently doing away with LPNs and going towards me BSN prepared RNs (which kills me, as I have an ADN.)

    Hopefully it swings the other way again soon … I’ve seen several swings in my career, but this is the most drastic swing I have seen so far.

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    No. I’ve worked for 3 companies in my 8 year career as a LPN…..and with the one I had been with the longest kept telling me I couldn’t advance in the company without my RN. I ultimately left it, and went to another company that I work for now. My job as a LPN is no different than now as a RN, except that I can be a case manager. More and more places are leaning towards RN/BSN. Hospitals in my area have told LPN’s to go back and get their RN, or work as an aide. It was frustrating, as a LPN, being told “You can’t do that, you aren’t a RN.” Now, it is frustrating because “We won’t hire you, you have no experience as a RN”…..thankfully I have an interview on Monday for my dream job……and they specifically told me…..”Oh, you have LPN experience, and just got your RN? Good, we really don’t want to hire new grads to this position, we have too many as it is….” What? LOL I about fell off my chair! I am so excited!

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    If the company is using LPNs to do nursing procedures that LPNs are not licensed to do, both the LPN and the company could be in trouble. RN and LPN licenses are not interchangeable. There are many LPNs who are very skilled and very competent, but if they are caught practicing as an RN with out a license, they could lose their LPN licenses. The employer doe not get to make the decision about what LPNs can and can not do. That decision is made by state boards of nursing.

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