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    I attempted WGU and what a nightmare. A school that prides themselves on being online with proctored exams from home……let me tell you my 13 year old has better computer skills. I could never get logged on to take exams due to computer issues on their end! I never did test for my first class….did I say NIGHTMARE!
    I am looking for an RN to BSN program that actually works like WGU claims. I work two jobs and a single parent. Does anyone have recommendations?


    I made it about halfway through Jacksonville University online. Finally got an instructor who would not let me take the weekly exam at a different time (I wasn’t asking to take it late, but to take it over a week early, because I needed to take it that early to fit in with my work and military reserve schedule.) Since they wouldn’t work with me, I just dropped the class and never went back. It was a big time suck and the only reason I was doing it was so I could make MAJ in the army … but I had decided I wasn’t going to stay in for the 20 years, so there wasn’t even a good reason to work so hard to make major. I’m sure I will kick myself when I retire since I won’t have the military benefits, but 12 more years (I signed up and did my 8 years after 9-11) seemed like a long time.

    It was also very expensive. The army was giving some tuition assistance, but even then I was paying a lot out of pocket. Good luck to you, but I’m hoping to be out of nursing before not having a BSN causes me too much grief.

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    Melissa, RN

    You are the first person I have seen complain about WGU program (as far as technical issues). Was this recently? I am curious because I am in the enrollment process now for WGU and it concerns me a little.

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