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    Hi nurses,
    I’m a student nurse. Any good ideas in handling rude and mean patients?


    Just smile, secure in the fact that IV needles, NG tubes, and Foley caths come in a variety of sizes 🙂


    Well, hey there! We have something in common. I am a Student Nurse as well, and I also have been a Nursing Assistant for 2 years. I am aware of what you are talking about. The best way to handle these patients is, just what Jason said, smile. Kill them with kindness, as they would say. Remember, patients are not going to be the most pleasant ones. And think about it, would you be in a jolly mood if you are in a hospital? So try to come to an understanding from their point, and treat them with respect – even though at times, it is VERY hard. Most of the time, they will come around. If not, it is ultimately our jobs, as professionals in the healthcare field, to remain positive and enlighten, not hold negativity and return any rudeness or aggravation back. Hope my windy reply helps! 🙂

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    I call it the schmooze. Just keep smiling, and remember you can’t take care of people until they feel cared for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 6 total)

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