Rx: Signed by RN as verbal order: MD name/RNname are they forged signatures?

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    I had taken a verbal order from a MD for a Rx, wrote the script out on a script pad that could only be obtained from the omnicell with a passcode and signed it VO. R&V Dr.Smith/J.Little RN as it has always been our protocol in our hospital for the past 20+ years. The patients wife took the Rx to our in hospital pharmacy, they filled the Rx. A few minutes later, I received a phone call from the pharmacist asking me if I had written the Rx. I told her yes I did, she proceeded to tell me that it was illegal for me to write a Rx in that way because I was forging the MD’s signature & could go to jail if I did it again. I proceeded to tell her that I had taken a verbal order from the MD & had written it down & if the family had taken the Rx to any other pharmacy, it would have not been questioned. The pharmacist told me again that I was forging a signature like I would be doing so if I was signing someone’s check.
    Has anyone else had problems with this or heard of this happening? My manager is checking into this, but I don’t want this to be happening to others. Just curious? Thanks!


    Sounds pretty bogus. We can call scripts in to the local pharmacies for everything except schedule II drugs. We can call in Vicodin and less, but not Percocet. All we have to give them is the name of our facility, the doctor’s name, our name, the patient’s name and birth date, and the script. I could be wrong, but it sounds like your pharmacist is just busting your balls, so to speak, but pharmacy laws are different in every state, so best to check it out locally and not take any advice here as fact.

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    I am an LVN in CA, and I work in hospice, I call in voice orders many times a day for all types of meds including Morphine and many other scheduled narcotics with no problems. Sounds strange.

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    Was this a new pharmacist? The places were I have worked have always had this policy and I have never had a script questioned. How would that pharmacist handle a telephone order from a physician to a nurse when the nurse calls the Dr for a new med, a PRN med, changes in meds? Sounds like you need to check this out with your facility and lead pharmacist, because every day in every hospital and clinic, nurses are taking phone orders for medications from physicians and writing them as telephone orders and prescriptions. In my last job I wrote scripts all the time. Dr. name/my name.

    The pharmacist should look up the word forgery in the dictionary. You wrote the Drs name and then signed YOURS, so obviously you were not trying to forge the Drs signature. Best of luck in getting this straightened out.

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