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    I am an LPN with 30 years experience, acute care, long term care and surgical scrub. However the vast majority of my career (25 years) has been working with the developmentally disabled in a group home/residential environment. I am in fact certified in this field. This is what I love and what I wish to do until I can no longer work.
    My concern is something I have increasingly seen get worse over the years, and I just can’t help but wonder if this is the trend in training nurses now.
    Several times over the past few years, newly graduated RN’s have come to work where I do, and I am simply appalled at their complete inability/ignorance on how to do something as basic as do an IM or SQ injection, not know how to locate the site for that injection, insert a foley catheter, do a tube feeding, do a SSE. I once stopped a new RN from administering a 10 ML vial of oral Versed IM. This same person also attempted to give a Flu vaccine SQ on the back of the patients arm! I could go on and on, but this frightening to me.
    I have been told by new nurses that they never once placed a foley catheter with a drill sergeant of an instructor standing over them, or given an IM injection. When I was in school, I had done all of the above, and more numerous times less than 6 months into my program and my instructor (a wonderful woman, I might add) was a former Air Force lieutenant. Admittedly, these folks can write wonderful care plans, but many simply are not taught (in many cases) how to perform the basics of nursing.
    I would enjoy hearing from others about similar stories if you have them.

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