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    I’m a RN here in Pittsburgh, but have been traveling for 3 years. I want to relocate to another city later this year, but to do that I’ve decided to work locally for prepare to rent my house out. I interviewed with one hospital but for two different floors, one was a M/S unit and the other was IMU. Both interviews went well but the IMU manager said I was over qualify for the position, and that I would probably quit within a year but I really want that job to move into a more specialized job. Well of course the M/S HR personnel called me Thursday, I think to offer me that job.. I’m stalling til Monday. Should I call the IMU manger, I already left her a email to follow up to see if made her decision. She stated she had a job in M/Tele that I would be a good fit for to become more proficient with telemetry. Not sure she said I could call or email her later in week, but no reply and I have to make my decision by Monday.

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    Do what makes you happy. I’m overqualified for my current job, but I love it, and I’m happy there.

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