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    The rumor, which people above me deny is true, is that our recent expansion/remodel was to make us look pretty and attractive to larger groups so that we can be bought out. It seems the Franciscans are number one on the rumor list. Has anyone ever worked in a small, rural hospital that was bought out by a large group? How painful was it? How much house cleaning did they do to the staff? Did they go after mid-management and leave the workers alone, or did everyone feel the cold hand of capitalism brush over their careers?


    Been there, lots of changes. Been almost 2 years and still going through changes. Bought out by Community health systems , first to get the cuts was upper management, then down the ranks. Nursing pretty much left alone. Lots of people have left on their own and it seems there is always new faces. Latest cut has been our unit shut down July 29. Most everyone able to be placed on other units. After spending 30 years in the banking world before becoming an RN, changes are not suprising to me. The new people always say the same thing. “Don’t worry everything will continue to be the same”. Never is. There is a reason for the buyouts. So things have to change.

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    I work in a rural health clinic that is owned by the small hospital which is owned/managed by a big huge non-profit corporation. Currently the small hospital is losing money, which the big non-profit corp is funding. Thus they are exploring a number of options involving regional-ization, critical access hospital or unknown.So right now they are not hiring to replace people that have left. But they still hire travelers to fill in, which cost a lot of money. We know there is going to be change but we do not know what change and how that will affect our jobs.

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    I think its ok to improve the facilities and all but must consider the current employees as well..

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