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    I just graduated in December ’12 and was hired to start a job on a critical care tele/cardiopulmonary stepdown in Feb ’13. In addition, I was hired on as a Versant (new grad program) resident that required a two year contract to the same floor that started after an 18 week orientation/residency. I am obligated to work this floor until June ’15 OR pay $6,000 (for the program). I’m sure I’m singing the same woes as others, but I am so unhappy on this floor. The ratio is only 4:1 but the acuity of some patients is unsafe for one nurse to handle. I’m the youngest RN on the floor and get treated poorly by physicians due to my inexperience and young appearance. I clearly have not mastered everything and feel overwhelmed by physicians yelling for miscommunicated orders and having admissions thirty minutes before shift change. I feel anxious at all times and constantly worry/think about my patients after going home. I can barely sleep before the days I have to work. I don’t have the money to get out, and I feel like I’m at a dead end. Any advice from anybody before I lose my sanity?


    I worked a VERY busy, big hospital tele floor as a new grad. Had post open hearts with pacer wires still sticking out of their chests, ventilator patients, q2h CVP checks (with the old school glass tubing since we didn’t have in room monitors), etc … it was crazy busy with 5:1 ratio, total care. I’m so glad I didn’t kill anyone.

    In WA those contracts have not stood up in court, so read it carefully and see what you actually agreed to. We had some nurses sign contracts like that that said they would work in this department for so many years or pay back, but it didn’t specify how many hours per week they would work (full time, part time, prn, etc) so they reduced their hours from full time to PRN and never picked up any shifts.

    Might be worth talking to a lawyer or the nursing board and let them know you don’t feel safe working in that environment? Good luck.

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    Nursing sucks on all floors. Just get used to it.

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    as a new grad….you would feel that way on any floor….take it with stride…you will learn as you go along….and it will get easier…i went thru the same thing when i first started….no matter what floor i was on….be the sponge….suck up the experiences and learn from them…once the contract is over you can move on to another floor or stay there….but i think we all feel like this at one time or another in our career….and as far as sleep goes…even after yrs and yrs of experience i still have those times it effects my sleep….just keep treading water …. the more you learn the easier it will get….just stick it out…and before you know it …you will be making it look easy

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