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    I and other members of my team are working on a project using software engineering to help solving the Healthcare Associated Infection (H.A.I) issue. We would like to know if it is ok to post this request here (moderators, please delete if this post violates the rules and in such case, my great apology). If it is ok, we would like members to help us gather insights about clinical daily operations, and your views regarding several solutions to the H.A.I issue by filling out our survey.

    The link to the survey is at :
    AUTH code : wlabr

    Please put in the AUTH code carefully (if you put in wrong AUTH code, the survey will exit immediately)
    Please also help us forward this email to all the healthcare professionals that you know (same AUTH code can be used). As a “Thank You” to the participants, we will offer the participants the final/collective survey report (details to be revealed at the end of the survey).

    Please note:
    + Participants will be able to remain anonymous. In this survey, we will not collect and will not keep any information regarding the participants’ name, the institution, the internet IP address, and the email address.
    + Participants will be able to remove the survey response from our database. By the end of the survey, each participant will be given a completion code. At anytime (within 12 months after completion of the survey), the participant can send an email to the contact email listed in the survey and request the response to be removed.
    + Participants will be able to quit the survey at anytime (just close the browser).

    Thank you so much for your helps!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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