Someone lied about being a nurse. I want to report it.

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    Hello Nurses,

    Let me start by saying that I am not a nurse. I am an EMT. I hope that someone in your profession can shed some light on this topic for me. My aged Grandparents were in need of care. My grandfather, recently passed, was a veteran in his 80’s. My Grandmother has advanced Parkinson’s Disease. A close relative and his partner moved into thier house to care for them, this last year.

    This person claimed many times that she had been a Paramedic and was now an RN. She claimed that medicare pay her to care for them, in their home. We believed her. I thought that she was an experienced nurse and a former paramedic. These statements, though bold, were not true. She was in fact, once employed at a nursing home, as an assistant. It was a long journey from my initial suspicions to the truth. I am still shocked that someone would make false claims like this. I am appalled that this person was caring for my beloved Grandparents. They moved into the house, obtained power of attorney and lived there for several months. My Grandfather’s cancer came roaring back. After he passed away, many of the lies unraveled. It is still very difficult to distill the truth from all the lies. My Grandmother is now safely in a care home, away from the imposter.

    I have a lot of residual anger. I do not believe that this woman is responsible for my grandfather’s death. They were not receiving the standard of care that we sought. My Grandmother has improved dramatically, in the care home. I know now that I was wasting my time, sending literature about PD, that she did not understand. I expressed concerns about my Grandfather’s blood glucose. I know now that she had no idea what I meant. There is no undoing the past, but I feel duped. I believe that she kept food on the table and helped them with personal grooming and housework. I am never going to feel like that is adequate.

    I have considered reporting this woman many times. I grapple with it being the right decision. I don’t know who to report her to or how things would proceed. My fear is that she will do it again, or something similar. Short of being in a war zone, I would never dream of venturing outside my own scope of practice. It is reckless, irresponsible and devoid of ethics.

    I hope that someone can give me some information. I may not use it. My grandmother is thriving and safe from her, the faux nurse. It is a difficult situation, my family are very upset. I do not want to make a bad situation worse. Advice is welcome.

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    Of course you should report it. Without a doubt. Find out their details. Write down all that happened and report it. The sooner the better. She may be doing it again and needs to be stopped.

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    I am sorry for your loss. I think you should report it. Report it to her employer and the nursing board (she worked as an assistant). If she gets away with lying about her RN status, she will more likely do it again.

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    This is major fraud! I would be reporting to the police. Your grandmother may be out of this person’s reach, but other elders are not. Please don’t let this go.

    And I am sorry for your loss.

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