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    In the last few days there has been more spam in the forums than there has been in all of the time I have been the moderator combined. I have deleted my fair share, but Brock or some other admin has had to get rid of several posts between my visits here. He has much more important things to worry about than cleaning up the forum, but I can’t be here all of the time, so I’m asking for your help.

    If you spot spam in the forums please send me a private message, telling me which forum it is in. Private messages go to my email, so I may find out about the spam sooner if I’m away from my computer. There are several hours in the day in which my phone is off and I get enough emails every day at all hours that I have it set up not to ring with new emails, but I do check it more frequently than I get on a real computer to come here.

    If you are thinking about spamming … please don’t. It will be gone fairly quickly and the number of people that will see it is fairly small, and hopefully those people that do see your spam will shun whichever webpage you are trying to pimp. Thank you all for your help in keeping the forums active and spam free. Private message me with any questions or concerns.

    Jason. (Your Mighty Forum Moderator)

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    I’ve had a spam free experience so far, so you must be doing something right. If spammers really wanted their message to be noticed and not deleted, they should say something ON TOPIC that is interesting enough for people to click on their profile. I’ve found that people with the most interesting comments also have the most interesting profiles …. guess now I have to write something on my own profile? Thanks MN team.


    HI I Much glad to acceess this Sited


    LOL … serious collection of spam. Haven’t been around too much since getting fired. Looks like the spam bot ran out of batteries?

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