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    Hi there. I’m a nursing student with 32 days left until graduation. My wife is also in college, for business administration, and we have a three year old daughter. Let’s just say that we’ve been through A LOT in the past three years, and nursing school has not only been hell for me, but also for my wife, who works full time so I can dedicate my time to nursing school and only work part time. Anyway, what I HAD planned on getting my wife as a gift to her for putting up with a wife in nursing school was a class ring, because she never got to get one in high school, but since she’s in college, I thought I might get it for HER graduation gift instead. I tried to make a long story short, but I’m not really capable, so anyway I’m just asking what kinds of gift examples you have for counterparts to nursing students that say “thank you for putting up with my ass during nursing school.”

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    That’s so sweet of you! It’s nice when couples make it through the rough times – it makes them tough. The class ring sounds like a nice idea – but you’re right, it would be more appropriate for her graduation. Maybe you could plan a very romantic dinner out and give her a back-rub and a bubble bath when you get home. Or a spa or massage certificate?

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    Good story.

    As a spouse, dad, nurse, and with a business major wife as well, I can relate.

    Advice? You know you wife better than anyone and know best what would make her happy.

    With that said, I would recommend you spend not just quality time with you wife, but lots of it. Jobs will come and go in your life, but you family is a one-shot deal and time will pass quickly. Spend lots of time making great memories!

    Take if from someone who’s been there, done that.

    God Speed and congratulations nurse!

    – Luis, ICU RN

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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