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    Hello all,

    Just found out I got into LPN school… extremely excited but also disappointed I did not make the cut-off for RN (plan on applying again after I finish LPN). Class starts mid January for 11 months. It is a 40-45 hr/week course so I will have a really busy schedule. So I really could use some insight with my current situation.

    I am a new CNA (got my certification in July) but got hired at the beginning of September as a patient transporter in a hospital. My original plan was to stick with transport for a few months and then transfer to one of the floors as a CNA and work as one while in school. Well since I did not get into the RN program (which is only 3 days/week) I will have limited days I will be able to work for transport. (They operate 7 days a week, but only 6:30 AM-9:30 PM). Since class is M-F 8:00-5:00, I can really only work weekends.

    Now I could transfer to another floor in the hospital before school starts in January since I have been “technically” working for them since September (they said a min. of 3 months in a department) then I could have more opportunities to work and be doing more patient care tasks. Here’s the issue – I started working the first week of September, a week later I broke my finger. Unable to work for 2 weeks. Started work again, first week back, at the end of the week start experiencing terrible abdominal pain – go to the ER, appendicitis needing emergency surgery out of work for 5 weeks. I was just happy that they were so understanding and held my job. Talk about bad luck though ugh! I start work again next week. So even though I have been on the books since September most of my time I was out on sick leave! So I can’t just go apply to another floor when I have barely worked for them and they have been so understanding and kind to hold my job. But I am also nervous now about telling them about school starting in January.. that means limited days and hours I can work. They knew I might be starting nursing school in January but still.

    So I just feel terrible about the whole situation and I am not sure what to do. My manager is really understanding and flexible with school (and illnesses too apparently) but I am wondering if I’ll lose my job when I tell them about nursing school. If I stay with transport for a few more months, I don’t think I’d be able to apply to a CNA position once on the floor since due to school I would only be able to come in for training/orientation on nights or weekends, which I don’t think they would do.

    Sorry for the long sob story Im just kind of lost right now lol.

    Thank you all for any insight 🙂

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    Sorry to say but the program really takes most of your time. I had to quit my job due to conflicting schedules ( work M-F 9 to 5 ) and there was no other schedule available at work so I had no choice. I lived off of my savings and school grant just to get by with school fees. I was able to finish my AA degree in nursing.

    In your case, if you really want to finish the LPN school then stick to it and school should be your priority. If you can’t get by with not working, then you have to tell your work manager about your situation — the earlier the better. I had schoolmates who were able to balance both and some even have kids. Some hospital managers are very accommodating especially if your pursuing your education in healthcare. You can also apply for grant and financial aid if you end up only working on weekends.

    Also, you might want to start reading your LPN materials/books before the semester.


    I started a full-time 12hr job in dietary in May. Full-time LPN school in July 8am-3:30 pm. And switched work to every other weekend. That went to prn and i barely work. I am married with 2 kids with alot of family support. It is almost impossible to work and go to Nursing school. My grades are excellent because that’s my #1 focus. Good luck!

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    Yes, it can be done. Having a supportive family and making a determined schedule for study was an absolute must for me. I did work 40hrs+ while in school. Honestly, there were times when I felt terrible, exhusted and dispirited (and those were the good days!)
    Most of my class mates changed to work weekends doing doubles etc. Some did drop out of the program to be honest with you. My school was very demanding. I used the weekends for massive study & projects, writing essays I worked M – F.
    Looking back don’t know how I survived, but I did (thanks be to God), I had to accept that things will pile up but after graduation I’m attacking that pile.
    Keep plugging away. Nursing school was really a day by day experience for me. Never thought the last day would come, but it did. It will for you too.

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