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    I am wanting to know if anyone has a preference of stethoscope. I have used my Littman classic for years. It has come up missing and I need to replace it. I want to get a good quality scope since I am back in school right now getting my RN and plan on going back to become an NP.


    I use a veterinarian stethoscope. Longer tube so I don’t have to get my nose in their arm pits to listen to both sides of their backs. I used to have a master cardiology scope when I worked ICU and cared to what I heard, but in the ER, odor avoidance is more important. It comes with the classic II head, so not bad sound.


    I am looking at buying the Master Cardiology with the 27 inch tube. Is that long enough to keep noses out of armpits? 🙂


    Mine is 32″ long, and I am thankful for that additional five inches. For ER work, mine is plenty good enough. If I were to go back to ICU someday, I would think about some of the electronic stethoscopes, as they can record the sound so you can let your co-workers listen without making them go into an isolation room. When in doubt, keep as much distance between you and the scabies, lice, and crotch crickets.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 8 total)

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