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    Well I have been a CNA for about a year and a half. Whenever I get off of work my feet smell horrible. I don’t know what to do, its so frustrating. My shoes are starting to stink also. Any advice on what to do would be very much appreciated.


    try to soak your feet in warm water with baking soda

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    Amy Garside

    Wash your feet. It sounds obvious, but a quick rub with soapy water in the shower isn’t enough. The objective here is to get rid of any bacteria and dead skin cells that bacteria like to feed on. So when you wash your feet, exfoliate the entire surface of your foot with a washcloth, brush, or any other abrasive mechanism and use anti-bacterial soap. Don’t forget to scrub between your toes, either.

    Dry your feet. When you dry your feet, dry them completely. Moisture, whether it’s water or sweat, is what creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, Take the time to dry your feet thoroughly and don’t neglect the space between your toes.

    Use hand sanitizer. It may sound weird, but a good scented (or unscented) hand sanitizer can kill germs on your feet and inhibit bacterial growth.

    Use deodorant. The same deodorant you apply under your arms could also be used for your feet. Just make sure to get a separate deodorant stick for each area.

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    Traci Walls

    If the facility you work at allows you to wear sneakers that have mesh panels (advertised as breathable), those are helpful. First thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes and socks. A product I found that works when you’re not in your shoes is called “Skunkies”. Yes, the name sounds horrible, but the product is helpful to the “odor sensitive” people in your life. They have a nice scent that isn’t overpowering and keeps the scent down. Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 8 total)

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