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    Ohio law (and I am sure other states as well) permits a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) to pass medications as long as they carry their MA (Medication Administration) certification.

    In order to obtain such a certification, you must first be an STNA. CNA’s cannot carry this permit. You then enroll in and successfully complete a Medication Aide Program, and pass your certification test to carry the permit.

    I am currently an STNA in Ohio. I do not, however, carry an MA permit. The only advanced nursing tasks that I may complete (outside of basic care) is finger glucose sticks, blood draws and TB skin tests (which is all covered by my phlebotomy license).

    So, Mighty Nurse community, what do you think? Should Nursing Assistants ever be permitted to pass medications? Does the state you work in have such an opportunity?


    I love the idea … especially for low risk, OTC meds, which they probably give to their own family all of the time, but can’t give them to a patient. Even as a nurse, I can’t give OTC meds to patients without a doctor’s order or being part of our standing order sets. It is frustrating that CNAs can’t do some basic things at my hospital, which they can legally do in the state, but since there isn’t a P&P for them at my hospital, they are not allowed. It is slowly changing with CNAs being able to do more tasks, which really helps when it gets busy. I’m all in favor of people being able to test into the ability to perform certain tasks, kind of like the EMT system used to be with EMT/IV, EMT/defib, EMT/ETT, etc until they finally got their paramedic certificate and could do all of the EMS tasks allowed by medical control.

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    In Michigan, ALF may train totally unlisenced people to pass any medication, including narcotics and injections. They do not have to have any state certification what so ever. I think medication passing should be left for educated nurses because there are a lot of variables that education plays a big part in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 10 total)

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