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    I am a soon to be graduating student in an ADN program. For one of my final semester class we are asked to post to a nursing board and ask two questions so an of your alls feed back would be greatly appreciated.

    My two questions are

    1) what advise do you have for a new grad RN?

    2)How do you all feel about nurses with tattoos and piercings?

    Again thanks for your feed back

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    1. Don’t jump into ICU, SAC, OR, PACU etc. Work 6 months on a floor. I hate floor nursing but I learn concepts and skills I have used for 40 years. I admire floor nurses they do something I can do but really don’t like and am not good at. No one area of nursing is better than another. Each of us bring special things to the table. The trick is finding the best place to utilize what makes us special.
    2. Tattoos and piercings, personally I don’t have an issue with them. However our patients come from many cultures and belief systems. The patients and families can have an issue with tattoos, piercings even hair color because of stereotypes they may have. That can interfere with your ability to care for a patient. Your job may have you cover tats and remove piercings, you have to decide how to deal with those demands.

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    Advice for a new nurse? Geez, where to begin?

    After nearly 25 years, the two greatest lessons I’ve learned are:
    1. You don’t know every damned thing, and building on that,
    2. Your greatest asset is not your degree, the name of your alma matter, your GPA, or even your finely tuned assessment skills. No, your greatest asset is your peers. Individually, most of us can muddle through most issues on our own. But collectively, there are very few problems we cannot brainstorm a solution to.
    Almost everywhere you may work, there will be “The Wise One.” The Wise One will have been in the profession for a hundred years or more, and has earned her many battle scars. Trust me, she has seen “this” before, many times, regardless what “this” is. So if you have a problem, even a question, ask! There are no stupid questions, save one: the one you fail to ask because you think it’s a stupid question. And you’ll earn The Wise One’s respect far faster if you’re willing to reach out to her, rather than trying to go it alone. That will scare her, and you’ll feel her wrath!

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