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    I graduated in August of this year and I have taken the NCLEX two times now. Today was my second time. Both times I got the full 265 questions. I received my report after my first attempt and was only below in one area. I used Saunders along with the NCLEX RN application to study the first time and put in 5-8 hours a day and completed about 15,000 questions and read the rationales.

    To study the second time I did Kaplan. I was scoring 64-73% on all the exams as soon as I started. It was frustrating because those score are not bad and I had just failed. I purchased Lippincott’s 10,000 RN and did over 250 exams to bring my levels all up to an 8 rating. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the hardest questions on there. My scores where normally in the high 70’s. I went back to Kaplan and redid some of the exams and did all the Q trainers. I was scoring 68-78% on Kaplan on my second attempts after using Lippincott’s to study. So I felt I was ready.

    But today after doing thousands of practice questions, scoring high on the practice exams, and studying rationals on questions I missed. I still finished NCLEX with 265 questions. I tried the Pearson VUE trick and did not get the pop up. So most likely I have boarder line failed again.

    I have never studied so much in my life. My professor said that she feels I have have over studied. I don’t know what to do at this point. I left my abusive spouse, and made it through nursing school while dealing with the stressful divorce and protecting my kids. I am a single mom with five kids that are dependent on me. This is why I am studying so hard. In order to fix my life and truly be free from the abuse I suffered in the past I have to pass NCLEX. I can’t take care of my family until I do.

    I am burned out and I don’t have the funds to keep paying out of pocket for study programs. Plus the expense of repaying to take the exam.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you, Sarah Feinberg

    Deb Shallin,R.N

    Dear Sarah
    I’m wondering if anxiety is the main problem. If so, you may want to call a fellow classmate who passed on the day of the exam for emotional support. I, myself, did this and it helped. You may want to visit your MD for assistance as well to help medically with the PTSD from the abuse which may be an impediment to your success.
    Is reading a problem? I am mentioning this because I knew of a RN who had trouble with taking the boards because of this issue? She had to seek outside help at a learning center.
    Another option is to take the LVN/ LPN boards and pass. Work as a LVN/LPN for a while in order to get to thinking like nurse and decrease your overall anxiety before attempting the RN boards again. I had a fellow classmate who did this and is now a RN. No shame in this option either.
    Finally, your professor may be right in considering that you may have over studied . If so then I’m wondering if you aren’t trying to think too much and reading more into the questions than what is being asked. So Stop thinking and know that you do know what the right answer is . You can do this! Remember you did graduate from nursing school. It only a test and no will care if you scored top scores or not! Pass it and you will be a nurse!
    PS hang on and wait to call for your results. Don’t do like I and many other did by calling early.. You still have to wait for the results.
    PS I graduated in 2003. I started my career in the ER which I loved. Should have stayed with critical care nursing. Did Med -Surg for 3 years which I hated because I listed to everyone telling me that I had to in order to get a basis for being a nurse.
    Also, I thought that just because I passed my boards I was a nurse only to discover that I still had so much to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Watch out for the nurses that eat their young and stay away from them. I believe that you should always help others to grow because you were young and new once.
    Best wishes for a successful nursing career!
    Deb Shallin, RN

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    Thank you so very much for the response. I am diagnosed with PTSD and also ADHD. But I have never asked for any accommodations. I always just had to study more than other people to get past my exams. I do have test anxiety as well. I just had a friend help me log in and check my exam status. I passed and I am overwhelmed with relief. All my hard work has paid off.

    I really want to work in OB one day but am open to working in other areas as well. I want to learn so experiencing other areas in the field would be a good thing.

    Again Thank you so very much. After getting 265 the first time and not making it. I was afraid it had happened again.

    Leslie Marshall

    Dear WickedMyst,
    Congratulations!!!…I am so excited for you. I completed nursing in September 2014. I took my NCLEX twice, first time 86 questions. I did not pass. I took it a second time with 108 question and I did not pass. I am determined to pass this test this year. Your an overcomer, your a survivor, and now your an RN!!!!…. Your story is motivation for me. Through studying, answering questions, and having faith in God, I know I will pass. So happy for you. I love stories with happy endings.

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