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    Tomorrow is Friday the 13th AND a full moon. Do you believe in any hospital superstitions, such as saying the “Q” word? Which other superstitions have you heard? Which do you believe?

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    Friday 13th, no. Full moon, yes, also new moon. Full moons are often crazy busy, on new moons it’s calmer, but then strange things begin to crawl out of the woodwork.
    Q word, absolutely!

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    I’m not at all superstitious. I say quiet all the time, and “well it can’t get any worse”. I was on shift this friday the 13th, with the weird full moon… immediately after midnight, at exactly 12:02 am, the s*** hit the fan. We had a pleasant older gentleman wake up confused and combative that we couldn’t reorient. Then we had a young man in status epilepticus, and the suicidal patient also start having seizures, a couple rapid responses, a code, and add in confused screamers made the night … interesting to say the least. Then the following shift, still friday the 13th, mind you, was just as crazy, making what should have been an easy two out of a three day stretch a horrible ordeal. I will still say quiet and well it can’t get any worse, but the next time that full moon falls on friday the 13th, I am calling in sick. Lol


    You are good until 2049 for the full moon to fall on a Friday the 13th, so I doubt I will still be alive for that one, but if you use the Q word in my department you will be shot (think redneck, banjos, lots of empty spaces where the body will never be found …)

    Also, never use the name of a scroller … they will show up.

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