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    I joined for my sister who has been a nurse for about 4 months. She is an RN. Her supervisor is nit-picking very minor things and even bringing her to her supervisor. My sister was talked to about wearing jeans to a meeting while at least 1/3rd the nurses there were wearing jeans. And as most of you know there are many unwritten rules. A coworker has been essentially “telling” on her and the most recent thing was saying my sister was crying in front of a patient because she didn’t know how to hook up a machine subsequently causing the patient to get frustrated and ask for another nurse. I know this is an outright lie because my sister is hardcore. She hunts and raising horses and just does not cry. She is also a 4.0 perfectionist who knows how to do just about everything now. Well, a supervisor asked her about the “crying” and she gave her the short story because she knew the supervisor was late for a meeting. The Supervisor assumed she was lieing because of the short story and put on her review “lacks integrity”. I feel this is a huge deal to have that on any kind of report. Anybody deal with these kinds of situations?

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    Very Sad!!

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    Having been a nurse for over 25 years, your sister will run into many individuals like that supervisor. The one thing I learned in order to protect my license (not my pride) was to document all conversations and write on any disciplinary action what truly took place. Truth has always prevailed for me. Even when it seemed everyone backed up the nit picker! It does get better as your sister matures and becomes a person of truth. Kudos to you for standing by her.

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