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    Would you rather perform primary nursing for 4-5 patients or have CNA help for 6-7?
    Personally I find it hard to utilize techs because I feel guilty asking them to perform any duties that I myself have time to perform, so I would choose primary nursing. Also, I have found that wiping that rear end, assisting a patient to the bathroom ect is an excellent opportunity to assess the patients skin, neuro status or whatever so I’m for primary nursing but max of 5 patients. What about you? 🙂


    Like Lisa, I find that I don’t utilize techs to their full potential, because I like to take care of my own patients, so would go for fewer patients. That said, total care without techs is hard to pull off when all of the other nurses are so overworked that they don’t have time to help you with a major code brown. Everyone needs help lifting and rolling at some time, but as long as there is some teamwork, I like primary nursing more than team nursing. Same is true for LPNs that pass meds. I’m all in favor of giving LPNs an assignment of their own and doing the few tasks they aren’t allowed to do when needed, but I don’t really like when I have more patients, but an LPN will give all of the scheduled meds for the floor. I like to give my own meds.


    So I have to begin this with a statement that I am a Student nurse not an RN yet, however I much prefer primary nursing to team nursing. My experiences in hospitals that utilize team nursing has always seemed to be an RN doing a round of assessments, passing any meds the LVN couldn’t and then charting, rinse and repeat. I did not care for it. I think having one or two CNAs on the floor is very useful for helping with basic pt. care, especially in light of the fact that our pts. are not getting lighter. I like the California ratio laws personally.

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    I only had any techs for about 2 weeks and they were very awesome, but since then I have not had any except once or twice when we were slammed in the ER. I agree that I don’t utilize them properly and feel bad for making them do something. If the techs I had weren’t so efficient, I am sure I wouldn’t have asked them to do anything. I also like knowing all about my patient so I can make a decision on the whole.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 13 total)

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