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    I just applied for a position at a hospital in Charleston SC. They indicated to me that I have to take this Prophecy Predicting Exam that has 3 parts and takes 3 hrs. to complete. Does any one know anything about this type of exam.? Please help

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    I just googled it. I typed in, “Prophecy Predicting Employee Success”. One entry is titled, ” Prophecy Healthcare:Online Healthcare Testing”. It does state that it is a 3 part =3 asssessment tools delivering the most comprehensive employment predictor for the Healthcare Industry. I haven’t opened it up. So I dodn’t know what it looks like, ie, the test that is. You could probably look it up also. Hopefullu this helps. Corinne. 🙂

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    I also have to take this test. I was given a vague outline of 4 pages to review for this test. I was not informed it was 3 hours though… Ugh.. Hopefully your employer can give the outline or ” blueprint” as they refer to it. Basically, it will cover everything for me, I work ER. So depending on your area of specialty yours may be geared toward that. I have to cover a bit of everything.. Ob , cardiac, trauma, neuro, GI/gu, pulmonary , pharmacology, etc.. This list has everything on it… Get with your recruiter and see if they can give you a outline to at least look at..

    Good luck,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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