Texas passes law making assault on a nurse a felony

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    I came across this article. I thought I would share in the hopes that any nurse who has ever been assaulted (while performing her duties as a caregiver) would share his or her story. There should be zero tolerance..



    Good to hear … I hope they actually enforce it. It has been that way in WA for a long time, but I have been hit, kicked, choked, stabbed, bit, spit on, etc with nothing happening, even after filing a police report. Out with the old prosecuting attorney and in with the new one, and finally things are changing. Had one guy threaten to kill me with a big rock actually do several months in jail before they bargained it down to time served, with the agreement he never comes back to my hospital, and recently had a crazy lady arrested and taken away in cuffs. Getting busted for interfering with a health care facility, and they would have pushed for the felony assault charges, but that would have been an extra over night in the jail and the spot in the mental facility may have been given away to someone else, so I agreed to not press charges as long as she ended up in an in-patient mental facility. Thankful for our police officers that come to my rescue much more often now than in my prime when I didn’t mind wresting crazies as much. Now I just try to sit back and wait for the police to come take them away … or at least help with the restraints … rough getting old.

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    I can’t access the link.


    You are right … that link doesn’t seem to be working and I could not find that article on the kosa.net page. Here are some related articles:



    I think the take home message is that we need to report when crimes are committed against us and we need to talk with our representatives to let them know this is a serious problem and patients who abuse nurses need to be charged with a felony and not just a misdemeanor.

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