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    What is the best way to handle a patient who is so grouchy, rude, noncompliant, etc. So here is my experience. Pt needs to be turned from side to side every two hours, mainly because the bed sore on the pts hind end. It takes two people to do this, the pt says that they can’t help in any way because its too painful and difficult. So we come in tell pt what we are doing, and pt yells, hollers, calls us names the list goes on, sometimes cries, says pain is horrible 10 out of 10, even with meds given an hour before, so the task finally gets completed. Then when I check on the pt again in 20 minutes or so, they are back on their back sound asleep.
    So after my rant, it felt good by the way, what is the most effective way to deal with this behavior?

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    You document every time you attempt to reposition and the patient refuses. And you let the doctor know as well. Trying to reposition a non-compliant patient can expose you to injury, and accusations of assault by the patient. An air bed might be a solution as well, but always document.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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