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    Many LPNs across the country are wondering what their next nursing career move should be. Some hospitals are removing LPNs from the work place and requiring you to have an RN. What should the next move be for an LPN?

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    In 1988 I was in a LPN program and was told that LPNs were being phased out. Not true. Yes hospitals like the one I work at attempted to phase out LPNs and found that this was not a financially sound prospect. This rumor comes and goes. LPNs are still a valuable contribution to patient care areas including the ED. I am now in pursuit of a masters degree in nursing education but recognize the contribution of those who chose to remain LPNs. LPNs will always be in demand.

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    I am retired bow but the first thing they need to do is stop churning out LPN’s when they’ll never get work!

    Most hospitals’ won’t hire them and many are telling the ADN’s they have a time frame in which they have to get their BSN. I don’t understand why they’ve been allowed to continue to produce LPN’s when as far back as the 90’s it was difficult to get a job.

    There was so much talk about having us be able to challenge the NCLEX at some point but no more. It’s a shame but many LPN’s like myself worked very hard to gain experience in many different areas of nursing.

    I would strongly advise anyone considering a nursing career to go right for their bachelors!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 17 total)

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