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    As of right this very moment not months prior or months ahead what would you say is the state of the nursing industry? Shortage? Over worked? Is there a big problem in the industry?


    Understaffed, overworked, with payment being tied to reimbursement, nurses are more like hospitality staff rather than medical staff.


    Disposable. Medicine is controlled by mega-corporations now and nursing staff is just a mandatory part they need to run, but nobody wants to pay anything to upgrade the staff they have when they can just replace it with a new cog anytime they need.


    A big part of the problem with the Health care industry is that nurses are not treated as the professionals they are. As nurses we are the 1st line of defense for the patient. We need to present our profession as being equal to that of the physician’s and therapist, not there to simply carry out there order’s. We have a significant number of nurses who are not active in nursing organizations, if we all got together as a lobbying body we could have a great impact on the face of nursing and health care.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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