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    silly I guess to have to address this topic in the 21st century,,, but am at a crossroads here, and am curious for input. my question, how would the establishment you work at,,, or even your own feelings affect working with a transgender coworker?


    It really depends on the person. In the ER we find each others weak points and hound them relentlessly. Afraid of spiders? They will be put in your locker. Haven’t been on a date in years? Hand lotion will be provided frequently. It’s all in good fun, but no aspect of our lives are safe from relentless teasing, and the place is small enough that nothing is ever a secret for very long.

    If the transgender nurse was cool about being teased, then I don’t think there would be many problems, but if they were the type to report politically incorrect behavior, I think a couple people would get fired, and then the rest of the department would turn on him/her.

    We often say things to each other that would get us fired from most jobs in the world, but it is just the way we are.

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    I never thought about it. It really shouldn’t matter if the individual is qualified.

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    It makes no difference as you are a person. Yes, teasing for fun may exist. However, in stressful situations you have to have an outlet. With that outlet, it would be things in fun not offensive and/or derogatory. As nurses you have to have thick skin anyways. Patients and families will say things that are much worse!

    I don’t care who, what, when, where, how, and/or why! The only thing I say is be yourself! If that is who you are then this is who you should be! It doesn’t matter about how you dress, etc! Life is tooooo short to sweat the small things!

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