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    Tomorrow I have my first test in Psych/Mental Health Nursing and I will admit I am a bit nervous. Everyone says that Psych. questions is difficult to answer and is very different than answering any other nursing class question for example, Med. Surg. Does anyone have any tips on how to approach these style questions and how to go about answering these. The chapters that are on my test tomorrow include Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders, Mental Health and Mental Illness, Legal and Ethical Guidelines, Settings/Culture, Nursing Process, and Psychotropic Drugs. I, along with my classmates, have no idea what to expect on our first test tomorrow. We have only had a lecture on one chapter. The rest of the information was up to us to learn. Can someone please offer some advice about Psych. and how to answer these types of questions. Any help is much appreciated!
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    Sorry, I can’t even spell sike, so I won’t be of much use to you, but just like every other nursing test, they are making sure you put the patient needs and safety first. They are also looking for what you can do as a nurse to fix the problem. Rarely is the correct nursing test question “Call the MD for orders.”

    As far as pharmacology goes, that is just something you will have to study. Some basic knowledge of the groups of meds is probably what they are after, but hopefully someone with more experience in this area can help you out. Good luck.

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    In mental health the questions are almost always situations relating to the patient having symptoms of the mental illness and it’s asking what you would do. 99% of these questions will have a “therapeutic” response choice that’s the one you go with. For example: Mr. Blue walking with his head down, not socializing, goes and sits in the corner alone looking out of the window. Knowing his dx is major depression with he of suicidal thoughts, you go over to assess him. He appears very guarded and says “I’m ok”. What’s the best response from the nurse?
    A. Politely say ok and walk away
    B. Sit beside him and say “you seem a little sad, would you like to talk about it?”
    C. Call for restraints
    D. Immediately call the md for suicide watch orders.
    – The response would be B

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    Thanks for replying Jason and Kcarr!
    Thanks for the question. That really helps. Do you know any website or study tools that I can use to study for the psych. drugs? (Youtube videos, websites, quizzes will help)

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