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    So I am pretty sure that everyone has that one nurse who believes that he/she is too good to do CNA work…. Well for me this drives me absolutely insane. I believe we are all here for patient care no matter what our title is. And what just makes it even worse is when the said person used to be a CNA at one point in time. Now I know that some believe that once you’ve done CNA work and become an RN you have paid your dues but really what does that matter. There are many of nights that I cherish the opportunity to be a CNA on the floor. It is a nice change and gives me the chance to remember how much we really need the CNA’s.

    I mean when you really think about it the CNAs get to spend more time with the patients then most nurses do, which is sad but a different story. And I don’t really understand how someone can just flat out refuse to take a group of patients on the floor as a CNA. I mean am I the only one who is confused by this. I’ve always been told that the day a nurse is to good to toilet a patient then that’s the day they need to stop being a nurse. Maybe I am way off base on my thought process on this subject but I am truly perplexed as to how someone can decide that they don’t have to do their assigned job, if its within your scope of practice then you can perform said job. Which last time I checked every RN school taught basic CNA skills during the first semester. I guess what I am trying to understand is what makes people think that they are to good to do anything other than what a “RN” does on a daily basis?

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    You said this so well!!! I agree! Thank you for your post!

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    I know of a nurse that feels this way and won’t even answer a call light. I had a resident tell me one day that taking her to the bathroom wasn’t my job. I replied that my job was doing whatever she needed. When you become to good to work as a CNA, doing whatever the job entails, you are not much better as a nurse. I enjoy helping my CNA’s and feel it makes me a better nurse. I often find skin issues and other problems that I may have otherwise missed.


    I have never been “above” anyone! I’m not scared to get my hands dirty (so to speak) and I’ve been an RN for 25yrs!! My patients are my job so whatever needs they have will be met by me (and my coworkers regardless of title!). Those nurses who think they are too good for human contact should NOT work with patients!! They should go into research OR become an instructor 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)

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