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    I have an 18 and 21 year old that I am going to be taking care of for the rest of the school year. They both have trachs. I know how to clean a trach but have not suctioned since nursing school. What is the depth you can suction? If I remember right it’s no more than 6 inches or as ordered. Please advise. Thank you.

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    6″ or until you meet resistance. If you are going to be doing it frequently, stick it down until you meet resistance, note how far down that is, and then from that point on, go just shy of that mark so it goes as deep as it can without hitting anything.

    Suck on the way out, no more than 10 seconds. Let the patient catch his breath between suctionings.

    Most important, don’t stand in front of trach … when they cough, and they will, the spray zone is a dangerous place to be standing, so come at it from the side.

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    What is the safest frequency of suctioning a 7 month old preemie?

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    The trach has a length, do not suction past that length. Very painful and stimulates cough. Only suction past that if point if you meet resistance, then use saline drops first and then suction again to remove mucus plug. If unable to remove with suctioning, then preform and emergency trach change.

    I know that respiratory folks in hospitals suction deep, please do not do that to these kiddos.

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