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    I am graduating nursing school very soon. I just finished a horrible Capstone (preceptorship) experience. I am in no way a 100% perfect student (because who is?), but I made strides and progressed with little mistakes. The nurse I was working with has been known to “eat their young”. They never had one good thing to say about a student or a new nurse on the unit and they often see confidence in one’s own abilities as “thinking they know everything”. They frequently talked down to me, and made me feel stupid. If I had a question, they would often treat it as a stupid question. I felt constantly nervous and afraid to ask questions, and I made lots of little mistakes (nothing that affected patient outcomes though). My question is, how do I move forward from this? My confidence in my abilities is shot, and I am going to be applying for jobs soon (out of the area, so I wont have to worry about that nurse). My professor knows about this and is working with me. Any advice on repairing my confidence in my self as a nurse so I can sell myself to an employer would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about not using personal pronouns, but would like to keep this as private as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice!

    Sounds like what I went through

    Sounds like you went to Rhodes state NSG college!!! We was actually told in clinical “I’m not apposed to eating my young” all while the NSG supervisor stood and laughed at her comment. St. Ritas 4th floor need less to say I don’t want a job there or will I take my family there. There is better schools and better instructors else where. Guess we all need to move on and find a good group of people that want to train us to be the best nurses


    Michelle Burchin!!! Omgoodness she treated us like crap to! Some supervisor”


    I am really sorry that you had such a terrible experience. I have been an RN for 8 years, it was my second career. I ran into a few RN’s who felt that students were a bother. When I became a GN my preceptor was not happy about anything and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t seen to please her. So I decided to stop trying so hard to win her approval and just tried to learn as much as I could. But trust me, most RN’s are not like the ones that you encountered. I found a couple of other RN’s who were more than happy to help me out and they taught me a lot. I think it is disgraceful that RN’s treat students that way. There are certainly enough stressors and obstacles to good patient care and being mean and hateful to each other is just ridiculous. Just try and move past your experience (easy for me to say) and find a good place to work with a nurturing environment and please know that we are all not like those nurses you had to deal with. I love when students are on my unit and I love to precept. It makes me feel like I am giving back and I have made some good friends that way too. Congratulations on finishing nursing school and have faith in your abilities.

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