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    Pre-req Student

    Hi all,
    I’m currently taking my pre-reqs so that I can apply for accelerated BSN programs (my undergrad degree is in sociology). I’m finding the courses challenging but not overwhelming, and have maintained a pretty stable GPA (3.7 first semester, 3.6 last semester, and doing well this semester). I’m just interested to hear how difficult any of you found your BSN program to be compared to your pre-req program. Considering my grades, can I expect to do fairly well in my degree program, or is it a whole different animal? What were some of your biggest challenges, and do you have any advice/study tips? I guess really I’m just having a lot of anxiety about entering the official degree program. I’m afraid everyone will have background degrees in molecular biology and I’ll be that one fish out of water struggling to get a grip on the coursework 🙁


    Nursing school is a whole different beast. The place where “C’s get degrees.” The biggest change that most of my class has struggled with are the application based tests. You can’t just memorize information and regurgitate it on the exam, the questions are presented in a case study format, similar to NCLEX tests. Our instructors have told us this is done this to prepare us for the NCLEX. You might actually be a little better off than the people with degrees in molecular biology since you already view the person as a whole and understand that everyone is different, situations are not black and white. There are not a lot of straightforward, black and white answers in nursing! Also, don’t worry about being the only fish out of water, everyone will look a little shell shocked the first month or so until they find their flow. Don’t let it discourage you, if it was an easy program or an easy job everyone would be nurses 🙂

    Best study advice, FIND WHAT LEARNING STYLE WORKS FOR YOU!!! If you need to get testing to see what kind of learner you are, it will be your best investment. Some schools offer it for free, it would be worth a shot to check with your advisors to see if it is available where you are going. Learning and understanding concepts is much different than learning facts.

    If you can track down any sort of an NCLEX style study guide for the fundamentals course (FA Davis offers one that our class uses) get it and pick the answer that makes the most sense and then read the rationale for every single answer, including the wrong ones. Some of the material may vary slightly from what you learn in class, understand what is taught in class because that is what you will be tested on. The book will just help you understand the style of questions. A good study group can be incredibly helpful with this as well, having a few people talk out the right answer (if some people disagree or don’t understand) can help everyone understand the concept a little better.

    Don’t forget to breathe, find a great support system, and breathe again. You can do it!


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