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    Hi everyone. Getting my butt kicked at work and severely understaffed going on 3 months now. Need advice desperately. Should I stick it out and try to “work” with administration or cut and run to a new hospital?
    I currently work on a cardiac progressive care unit that also takes ICU overflows as well as oncology and hospice patients. We have many high acuity and total care patients. I have been there for over a year now and was told in the beginning that ideal nurse to patient ratio is 1:4 with at least one CNA on the floor. This was the norm at the beginning with an occasional busy day where we’d have to take 5 and rarely 6 a piece but always had a CNA or 2 to back us up. However…. For the last 3 months we have been taking 6 a piece and at least 4 days out of the week we have no CNA. Quality of care is mediocre at best. There is no end in sight. We’ve lost 8 nurses and 3 CNAs in the last year and they have only recently hired 2 new grads who are still on orientation and 1 CNA with no known attempt to hire any more.
    I have gone to the unit supervisor with my concerns and refusal to take a higher patient load – they tried giving me 7 patients with no aid- also have spoken to out our new CNO who did nothing but look like a deer in headlights and provided no answers or solutions to the problem. I’m at the end of my rope, thinking of going to the CEO but doubting it will make a difference. Is it like this at all hospitals? I understand there will be bad days but now its turning into a bad 3 months! Help!



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    This sounds all too familiar! 🙁

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    I’m going through something similar. Im a travel nurse and work 3 month contracts at a time. At the beginning the place I work at was busy but acceptable. I work on a step down unit where officially the ratio should be 1:4 but it was usually 5 or 6. I renewed my contract for a bother 3 months. Since the time I started there we lost about 4 nurses (2 on maternity leave) which means I have gotten up to 9 patients and regularly get 7. I’m talking about vent patients and ppl who end up getting intubated. Lately I’m on my feet the entire shift and take no break. I complained to my agency and gave my manager a 2 week notice because it just isn’t right. It’s unsafe for the patients and for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 10 total)

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