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    This is an unofficial contest, since I’m just the moderator and not really a Mighty Nurse employee, so any blame regarding unclear rules or quality of the prize is mine. The prize however is fabulous 😉 A signed copy of my book, Haiku STAT! The rules are listed below.

    I’m tired of looking at so many yellow heads, and I’m willing to bribe people to upload a picture to their profile. It doesn’t have to be of you, but upload some picture to make the yellow head go away. Also, I enjoy reading the little blurbs on people who type in the “what’s new” box under “activity.” If you don’t know how to upload a picture or type something that shows up on your profile page, let me know.

    The winner of the contest MUST be one of my friends, so if you haven’t done so already, accept the friend request I have sent you. If I accidentally missed you, send me a friendship request and I’ll accept it. The winner MUST have a picture uploaded and something written in the activity portion of their profile. The picture can be of anything and the statement can be a little something about you, where you work, what you like to do, or “OK Jason, I wrote something here.”

    If you are my friend and have done those two other things, you are eligible to win the contest. The winner will be the person who has the most friends on here who have also uploaded a picture and written something on their profile by the end of June 24th. I broke the “Popular” sort feature when I went over 1000 friends, so now it only displays people with fewer than 10 friends, but we aren’t looking for just who has the most friends, we are looking for who has the most friends who have also added a profile picture and written something on their profile. Since there is no way for me to sort by this criteria, sometime by the end of the contest you need to post on this thread and tell me how many friends you have who meet the criteria, and I will confirm the number. If you don’t write on this thread, I wont know to count your eligible friends, so June 24th or sooner, write down how many friends you have who have uploaded a picture and updated their profiles.

    The easy way to score well is to ask for friendship status to those who already have a picture and text uploaded, but I’m hoping several of you will become friends with people that haven’t uploaded a picture yet and talk them into uploading a picture. The Mighty Nurse Community is only as vibrant as the members make it, and people that spend a couple minutes personalizing their profiles are a lot more approachable and fun to be around.

    Go out, make friends, update your profile, and post how many eligible friends you have in this thread by the end of June 24th, and whoever has the most will win a signed copy of my book. Details on the prize can be found at or you can ‘look inside’ at

    Good luck everyone, and win or lose, Mighty Nurse will be even Mightier once more people become active enough to update their profiles and make friends here.


    PS: If you win, you will have to private message me a physical address and name I can mail it to. You can’t order signed copies online, so I will have to mail it to you.


    OK, a valid point has been made. Small change to rules. You do NOT have to be my friend to be eligible to win, but if you do accept my friend request, or request my friendship, since I have a picture and a statement uploaded, I will count as a countable friend for the contest, but for those of you who only want your real life friends listed as friends, I will remove the first criteria of the contest.

    The person with the most friends who have also uploaded a picture and a statement will be the winner.

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    Y’all should really compete for this book! I won a copy in a previous contest and its a great read! Its politically incorrect and funny as heck. I’m going to buy a few for xmas gifts this year. Plus, the yellow heads get on my nerves too lol


    Sigh … still a sea of yellow heads on here. Greg has put some effort into this contest, but the vast majority of people are not personalizing their profiles at all. Please post here or message me with ideas that will encourage people to become more involved. Still plenty of time for anyone who wanted to put minimal effort into winning a free, signed book. PLEASE, let’s do away with the yellow heads.

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