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    I’m on vacation 🙂 but it may be the last one anyone in my department sees for a while due to a sudden decrease in staff. Even before this there was always a frustration of not having your time off approved until the 20th of the month before, too late to buy tickets for travel etc. once I gave 6 months notice and after not hearing anything for over a month I bought tickets to an emergency medical conference in Israel. Not only would they not let me use my education days for this, but 2.5 weeks before the trip they denied my time off. It all worked out, but if nobody else has put in a day off that day, I think it should be approved right away. If others have requested the same day off, it should be denied right away.

    How much advance notice do you get for vacation time requests if you put them in several months early?

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    Our schedules are made for 5-6 weeks at a time. No request for time off will be accepted more than 3 months out. Unless I know about something at least 2 month in advance, I’m probably not going.

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    We r not only not allowed to take a vacation at the end of the year we r forced to sell our time back to the company at 50% meaning we get paid for 20 hours for 40 sold back. It really sucks and if we quit we lose all the earned time. It is a lose lose situation.

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    We do our major vacation requests for the year every Feb. We submit up to 3 weeks (no more than 2 weeks at a time) requests & rank them according to #1, 2 & 3rd choice. They are granted by seniority, but if it’s your 3rd choice vs someone else’s 3rd…the 1st choice would be granted. Then,each schedule if people want vacation time, we consult the vacation calendar & if someone has already been approved, they have to pick alternative dates. It has worked well for us.

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