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    We have been discussing value based purchasing at work quite a bit because our hcahps have been bad lately And management has been on top of us making us miserable. Do any of you know what value based purchasing consists of, and if you don’t I say you really need to read up on it. It is a part of the obamacare bill that pays the hospital more or less money based on core measures being met and hcahps. All this trickles down to the nurses of course and great pressure is being applied to get this money for the hospitals we work for. My question is..who receives these extra monies? My guess is upper management in the form of bonuses. I’m just guessing of course, but I do know that 30% of Medicare payments will be based on hcahps. 70% on core measures being met. The penalties and incentives increase each year and nurses are feeling the crunch. Any ideas or opinions on this?

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    Any nurses out there able to help out? HCAHPS can be very tricky


    The one thing I know about the HCAHPS is based on the scores. If you are below average, your reimbursement rate is 90%. If you are average, 100%. If above average 110%. That is why they become so important.


    If the hospital doesn’t get paid, we don’t have a job. Simple.

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