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    I have served on medical missions to other countries, and have found that very rewarding. I have some friends that want to start serving in low income areas inside the US, so my question is: What is the liability/legality for doing such a thing?

    If it were in my state, I would have a current license, but I wouldn’t have my employer backing me up with liability insurance. If there is an adverse reaction, are we all hosed? I suppose the volunteer MD would have to look at his malpractice insurance to see if it covers this type of activity, and he would have deeper pockets.

    How about volunteering out of state. I know when I was in the military, I could work on military people and their families in any state, but I couldn’t treat civilians outside my own state. Does anyone have any experience in volunteering in the US?

    How about Reservations out of state? Are they sovereign enough to allow this and give us protection from any harm, or do you still need a license in the state the reservation is located to work there?

    Thanks for the help.

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