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    The locals are getting upset because our wait times are going up as we get more busy. Instead of nearly everyone being brought straight back, some have to wait an hour or two or sometimes four. Recently watched a documentary on waiting rooms, and big cities people are waiting for hours on end, and then months to get in for a follow up visit. Some people say things like, if you don’t bring me back right now I’m going to leave and go to (big hospital in next county) … I just smile and wish them good luck with that, knowing that the wait times there are three times what they are for us.

    It bothers me the sense of entitlement some people have to be seen for their minor complaint as soon as they walk in the door. While in the army, I had to wait longer than that just to get a cup to pee in and then another line for an anthrax shot. Patience is a virtue, but most patients do not posses this 🙂


    Jason I hear you! The corporations continue to make promises through advertising but don’t exactly back it up with staffing. Its exhausting somedays. I once had a Code begin in one of my rooms. The pt across the room sat up immediately to look. I thought for sure it was out of curiosity or… but it was to catch me and say their pain medicine hadn’t worked. I said I understand let me check this pt and I will notify your dr. They looked me straight in the eye “I don’t care about them, I hurt” I will never forget that. Nor will I forget the strength it took to not flip out on them.

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    I remember when we would have patients call the ambulance for minor issues (broken toe, etc..) thinking they could bypass the waiting room. They were highly disappointed when we sent the paramedics and patient through triage to have the patient wait in the waiting room!


    Years ago we had a patient call 911 from the waiting room. Amazingly the ambulance actually came, picked the patient up in the waiting room, put her on the ambulance, drove 20 feet to the ambulance entrance and unloaded the patient, who was signed out AMA, signed back in, had to go through triage again, and then back to the waiting room, at the end of the line.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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