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    When I started in the ER, an LPN trained me … she was awesome. Eventually they made it so LPNs could not be the triage nurse, even though she was a far better nurse than I. We used to mix up most of our own drips, including potassium, but now we are not allowed to mix anything with potassium in it, and during pharmacy hours, they don’t want us mixing up hardly anything anymore. I used to draw ABGs all of the time and hand it off to RT to run on the machine, but now only RT or MDs can draw arterial blood. EJs are off limits now, as well as IOs. Seems like every year they take away something I used to be able to do, but I’m not allowed to do anymore.

    What tasks have been taken from you?

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    Jacob Mearse

    I put in a UVC line on a newborn the other day. Didn’t realize that was a no-no. Oops.

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    Was in trouble for pushing labetalol..cant chart a cervical exam( in labor and delivery) cant place a fetal scalp electode. And spendvall my time chartingvsi many things over and over even though its ridiculous

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