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    When I started nursing, some of the old time nurses NEVER wore gloves … not even during code browns. They learned nursing without gloves and refused to change … icky. That being said, we used to not have portable sharp containers, so to avoid sticking myself with a needle rolling around while I connected the IV tubing and get everything taped down, I would stick the needle in the mattress (don’t hate me … I’m being honest here.) What icky thing did you used to do before things changed or your wised up?

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    I’m an old RN too. Used to stick needles in the mattress too so I wouldn’t get stuck.
    You only wore gloves if you needed to be sterile. No gloves for IV starts, removing soiled dressings, code browns, chemo, etc. In dialysis we even pipeted blood by mouth and didn’t think twice about it!
    Different times, different priorities. I even worked in an active Tb ward but still PPD negative.
    It’s amazing that we didn’t get sick.


    I used to mix chemo in the med room, no gloves no hood. Such pretty colors, red, blue,yellow. And boy did it leave stains.

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    In 1980, I worked on a 45 bed bed Med-Surg unit and we were allowed one box of exam gloves per MONTH for the whole unit. If they were used before the end of the month, there were no more gloves till the first of the next month. Constant topic in unit meetings.
    I also stuck IV stylets into the mattresses until I was ready to clean up. It was a common practice.
    We sent patients home with just verbal instructions. We ran heparin drips without machines. Ahhh, the old days.

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