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    What do I do? I am listening and while the other nurse is giving report I am thinking of things I’m hearing such as, pain meds, equipment, I’m critical thinking while I’m getting the information. This nurse says I’m acting like I’m not listening. I am listening. I’m not going to interrupt her, I’m getting the information needed. What do I do? I told her I am listening and repeated the information back word for word. She is a new nurse and is constantly needing encouragement or a pat on the back. She is new to hospice and I am not. I don’t know what else to do to make her see that I’m not the kind of nurse that doesn’t like other nurses. I have tried to talk to her and my boss but neither of them are listening to my concerns. Help!!!!


    I would tell you, but I don’t think you are the type of person who will read this response …

    But seriously, she doesn’t think you are listening to her, and you don’t think she is listening to your concerns about her thinking you don’t listen … sounds like you could both work on your communication skills. Taking this problem to your boss? Really? Not to be blunt, but grow a pair and handle the situation on your own. Do you really want your boss to get involved and chew her out for not listening to you when you told her that you were concerned because she doesn’t listen to you when you tell her you are listening?

    Easy solution, get a notepad and take notes during report. When she sees you actually writing down the important parts of the report she will feel like you were actually paying attention, and when she is through babbling and finishes, then you can put your pen down and think to yourself about pain meds and equipment and all of those other things you appear to be zoning out over while she is talking.

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    She is the one who said “I” am not listening to her. I appreciate the reply. I thought I was asking for help in showing her I am listening. I do write all of it down. She stated this to me on the phone. Obviously she can see me thru the phone. There are other reasons for speaking to the boss, and if there is an issue between two people that cannot be fixed then, yes the boss needs to be enlightened. Thank you for your comment. I felt that the point was missed. I am looking at her and not thru her. I am responding to her comments with head movement and words.


    And in your post you said neither your boss nor her are listening to you. You “are looking at her and not through her” … I thought you just said this was over the phone, which is why she can’t see you write things down? As far as going to the boss goes, you didn’t mention any other reasons, so I ASSuMEd that you stating you went to the boss was in relationship to the problem at hand.

    I would still argue that the boss does not have to be brought into the situation whenever there is a problem between two people that they can’t resolve on their own … some problems will always be there and some people are harder to work with than others, but I can tell you that bringing the boss into a situation that doesn’t need a boss is not going to make you many friends or improve the working relationship with whoever you are complaining about … in many cases.

    Sorry my responses to your question have been overly blunt … I too, have used these forums to vent frustrations in hopes of words of wisdom, and I shouldn’t have jumped your case so hard, but I know enough people that write up issues that shouldn’t even be an issue, or at most a face to face conversation, and it drives me crazy. I’ve been called to the office for being overly blunt (really, I know that is hard to believe) but I also know a nurse that was called to HR because she didn’t say “good morning” to someone.

    Good luck.

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