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    As a new nurse I had everything … scissors, hemostats, pens, sharpies, pen light, ammonia snap, calipers, tape, carpuject holder, etc … I have significantly cut back … what do you still carry?

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    Klara, RN

    Depends where I work. Usually pens, watch, Kleenex, mints, change if in an institution. In home health, just pen, Kleenex, watch, and carry a bag with stethoscope, etc…

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    I start the shift with at least five black pens, one red pen scissors a marker for those lovely white boards some tape and my cell phone on silent of course. Then alcohol swabs by the dozens a couple of flushes and my work phone goes in before med pass. Lol I rarely end up with more than two pens at the end of the shift tho and never change I hate to jingle when I jog down the hall to catch those incessant call lights lol

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    I work pedi home health, so anything that I want hidden from the child until I need it. then my keys, pen and cell phone.

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