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    My school had zero about emergency nursing and very very little about ICU nursing, while it had 1.5 semesters of OB. I really wish it would have trained me more in the branches I wanted to go into, and less in the branch of which I would work at McDs before working there.

    What is you nursing school missing that you wish it would include?

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    Our peds and psych rotations were mostly observational. The whole first semester was spent doing basics in the nursing home, which is taking way too long on fundamentals.


    I’d say that Jason, you’re right that it had way too much of some areas and not enough of others, but it’s impossible to tailor it to everyone’s wants. Besides that, it’s really hard to just have emergency nursing or critical care nursing, because when does it stop? pediatric emergency or adult? Cardiac medical surgical or neuro critical care? Or pediatric, or neonatal?

    And Emily- id say you missed the point of learning the fundamentals entirely.

    I wish my school taught IV starts, or at least exposed us to them. I also wish we did more simulation. We had a state of the art sim lab and all we did was NG’s and subq injections


    I am currently in nursing school. (LPN) In NYS LPNs are most utilized in long term care and rehab settings. We spent about 1 week on “Care of the elderly” and zero time on rehab nursing thus far, and we are not going back to it. We spend 1 class (2 hours) on wound care and about 20 minutes on proper documentation. I know I am destin for nursing home work, and that is my passion, most of my classmates will also end up in LTC. I just wish they were preparing us for our careers.

    Most Hospitals here don’t hire LPNs to work in the ER, Maternity, or PEDs… Yet we will be spending a tremendous amount of time on those units in the next 5 months. I don’t believe the course material is “practical” ….all of my instructors teach us as if we were going to be RNs. I feel like I am missing out!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 5 total)

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