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    A little back ground on myself….I have been a nurse for almost 12 years. I have done a little of nursing home and some med surg but for most of my nursing career I have been a clinic nurse. I worked at one clinic for almost 7 years and I loved it. The doctor and nurses I worked with all became my family. About a year or so before I quit our small clinic was sold to a FQHC and the CEO was not a medical person and essentially ran the clinic to the ground. Work became tense and it seemed like everyone was walking on pins and needles. More and more often we were told that our paychecks would be delayed and then after trying to get and RX filled I found out from my pharmacist that my insurance had been canceled! Along with that the money that was being taken out of our checks for AFLAC and retirement were not being paid! The stress of it all started to affect me and then started to affect my kids and my husband. After alot of sleepless nights and discussions my husband I decided I would resign from my position.
    So my question for you fellow nurses is….What do i put on my applications for my reason for quiting?? I am not ashamed for leaving my last job but I don’t know what wording I should use…the last application I filled out I put down “professional differences” does this sound ok or does anyone have any other suggestions?


    You don’t have to say anything about your reasons on your resume. If your prospective employer asks all you need to say is that you re-evaluated your past position and decided. That a change was necessary in order for you to advance your career. Keep it simple.


    I wouldn’t put “professional differences” on the application, just “resigned” and if they ask, be honest without going into too much detail where it sounds like you are bashing your former employer too much. You can say something like new CEO stopped paying required benefits.

    Hopefully you don’t have too big of an employment gap, because then they ask about that too.

    Good luck.

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    As a nurse manager I would advise you to say you resigned and are seeking “better opportunities” or a “better work/ life balance”. The worst thing to do in an interview is to talk negatively about your previous employer. This indicates to the people interviewing you that if you come work for them and choose to leave you may do the same and communicate negative information about their organization. It is okay if directly asked to tell them that the company was having some financial difficulties and that you felt unsettled. You can follow this by saying why you are choosing their organization is because of (there long history with the community, their commitment to provide competitive salaries and benefit packages for their nurses, the tuition reimbursement etc). If you are applying in the same community I am sure it is common knowledge among senior leadership. We knew why a hospital closed that was over 50 miles away and how that would impact our volume.

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