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    I am in the process of switching jobs and have an interview tomorrow. My issue is that I already have a vacation planned for December around Christmas-time. I’m wondering when the best time is to bring up the vacation that I cannot back out of (plane tickets nonrefundable). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    If they offer you the job and you start to discuss when your start date can be, you can bring it up then …. I wouldn’t bring it up before they offered you the job, as they might decide that was enough reason to go with someone else … but if they select you, they should be able to work around a specific request. I had a similar thing years ago.


    how blessed you are. The fact that you cirared your baby to term tells a lot about your strong faith. My mom is also a cancer survivor…she was diagnosed with Brast Ca, 34 years ago. She is now 77. At that time, I was only a medical student but our experience with my brother’s accident and my mom’s cancer taught me how to be a conscientious and compassionate doctor. God be with you and your family always!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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