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    Got into a bit of an uncomfortable situation. We recently had a Medicaid Survey, and as unbelievable as this may sound (at least it would be to me if I wasn’t on the receiving end of it), I am almost 100 percent sure that the Surveyor intentionally fabricated a mistake that she “swears,” to that I did.
    The reason that I say that I am ALMOST 100 percent sure about this, is that I KNOW beyond any doubt that I did not do what she claims that I did. However, I have been wracking my brain, even losing some serious sleep over trying to figure out how she could have possibly seen something that DID NOT happen. Problem is, she was standing right over me practically, and although she did correct a trivial little thing verbally that everyone in the vicinity heard, she claims to have seen me do something that could have been possibly dangerous to a patient, yet if she did see that (as she claims, even though it didn’t happen) she never spoke up about THAT. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if someone sees someone in the health care field doing something that might be harmful to a patient, aren’t they required to at the very least speak up to try to stop it, regardless of their title or the reason for them being there?

    Now my coworkers who were there at the time, all claim to agree with me that she fabricated it, and I could also prove it beyond any REASONABLE doubt. I mean there is no way that I could have possibly made the mistake that she claims, unless I did it on purpose to get a deficiency for the place, which is ridiculous, and of course I wouldn’t be here asking about it.

    Another ridiculous thing she said at the exit interview that I heard from someone who was there was “Make sure you tell him this is not personal, and it’s not directed against him, because it’s everyone’s fault, not just his.”
    What kind of nonsense is that, if I was the one who supposedly made the mistake, and no one else had anything to do with it, which they wouldn’t have, if I indeed did what she said, then how the freak is it “everyone’s fault? What are we some kind of great collective beast working together that if one module errors all are responsible for it? It makes no sense at all.

    My supervisors think I’m being silly for being pissed off about it, and say that it’s not a big deal, nothing is going to happen so forth and so on. This maybe true. I may have to sign a form stating that I’m aware of the “mistake,” and I will be more careful in the future, and perhaps view a video or read some thing about the issue and sign it.

    But why should I? I DID NOT DO IT, and can pretty much prove it if given the opportunity to do so. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to address the matter with a Medicaid supervisor of any kind. I searched the web for something, including (if I decide to go the full monty) and file a case for Medicaid fraud against her. Reasoning that she is getting paid by medicaid to fill out forms honestly, but she falsified them by fabricating a scenario that didn’t happen.

    Another concern is that if I take the easy way out, and just “Let it go,” as everyone is suggesting, this person will likely continue to the same thing to my colleagues in the health field for who knows how long, because as most think “It’s not a big deal, sign the form slapping you on the wrist and let it go.”
    Is it not enough to worry about false accusations from patients and relatives (hasn’t happened to me yet in 22 years of nursing, but has to many of my coworkers), making honest mistakes, and just dealing with the stresses of trying to provide quality care without proper resources, and then have to also worry about people who are supposed to be making sure everything is on the up and up, fabricating things because they can’t find anything wrong to actually report?

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