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    There is a MN poll out now that asks this question. I’m one of the few that picked “other,” so I figure there must be other people out there who went into nursing for a reason other than to help people, it was your calling, or in it for the money.

    I joined nursing because of the excellent girl to guy ratio in nursing school. Who knew I would be in a classroom full of men hating women? Please elaborate on why you became a nurse. Thanks.

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    Jason, Jason, Jason! Lol much too honest for your own good lol. I always wanted to be a nurse. Just knew it from childhood it seemed. I like helping people, thought it a respectable career (I’m questioning that most times with some of the people I’ve met that are nurses), and I was always fascinated by science, and the workings of the inner body. Having three kids to raise and the money was an added bonus. I have worked just as hard at a gas station and when I worked construction, and in construction made almost as much money. Plus my mom was finally proud of me for something. I love the ACT of nursing, love the science behind it, but hate most of the nurses I work with and the politics behind hospital nursing. It takes away my love sometimes and makes me want to work at wal-mart lol.

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    I knew since I was a little girl that I wanted to work in the medical field. At first I wanted to be a doctor, but due to my moving around so much as a child and lack of caring for the school I was in my grades were terrible. I love science and have always had a knack for memorizing things. I became a CNA at 17 and a Med Aide at 18. When I was 21 I worked as a unit secretary/CNA floating between the ICU and progressive care units. This is where I found where I want to work. I love the adventure of nursing. There are some days I ask myself what have I gotten myself into. Then there are those days you are reminded that you are right where you’re meant to be. I can’t wait to go back to school to learn and do more.


    I’ve been asked this question many times but always with a wink???? I actually started out getting accepted to University for a double major in English and geography. I decided to take a year off-I walked around for the last few months of highschool in a full leg cast-yep hip to ankle for a knee injury I got while babysitting-long story 😉 I worked at KFC and a nursing home for that year and partied-of course!! I then, once again, got accepted back for that double major then turned around and went to college for nursing??? One attraction was the 3yr program (Associates’ Degree). I made the best decision of my life!!! If not for the quick graduation time, I would have been a school teacher and missed out on the best years of my life!!!
    Because of becoming an RN, I moved to the USA. I met my husband down here 🙂 <3 ! I have had the BEST 21yrs of my life so far!!
    BEST decision ever!!! I LOVE my job and my patients tend to really enjoy me and my weird sense of humour!!! 😉
    My family was dumb-founded when I decided to come down here BUT the understood. My Dad reaps the benefits of my living in a NASCAR city 😉 And my Mom loves the fact that it is so much warmer here earlier than where they live!!!
    Still, the BEST decision EVER!!!!!

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