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    Hey Mighty Nurses,

    I’m a nursing student in Germany. I’m an LPN and I’m getting my RN. Our nursing school system is a lot different from yours. We get floor experience since the day one at school. Yet it only takes us 3 years to get an RN degree. I’m aware of the whole procedure I’d have to go through to be able to work there (NCLEX-RN, TOEFL, etc.)

    I wonder how u guys would react if i started at your Unit. Are german nurses common there? Would i be treated like a rookie even though I’ve been working in the field for years?

    Please share your thoughts on this matter 🙂

    harpreet kaur

    hey m from india. i did my 1st year in bsc nursing . i want to do rest of my study of nursing in usa 2nd,3rd nd 4th year. can i apply for it plz reply

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    wallace buttrick

    I think individual states’ academic nursing programs generally make you start over with their respective prerequisite courses , but will consider your academic backgrounds on a case by case basis for admission, if you haven’t already obtained your country’s RN license. Private(way more expensive) colleges typically include the prereq’s, and sometimes don’t offer an associates degree in addition to the nurse’s degree. They aren’t selective and accept all nursing candidates but cost about $40k for a 2 yr or less preparation for RN licensure. State programs are more affordable(no student debt, I worked pt time as a CNA) but the process took about 5 yrs.

    Patricia Sparrazza

    Be aware that a 3 yr RN program that gives you an RN diploma but not a degree (neither an AA/AS or BSN) can be a drawback b/c a lot of employers may also want a degree. Many advertise ‘BSN Required’ for some of the more desired (ICU) positions. You can find work but it may limit the positions that are open.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 7 total)

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