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    Are drugs and/or alcohol a problem with any of your staff? Does your facility do anything about it? Does your facility have the right to drug test you randomly or for cause?

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    As a former manager yes I have dealt with individuals abusing drugs on the job. Both were fired for stealing the narcotics they used and both reported to the state board. Yes both institutions drug tested for hire but at the time did not retest randomly.


    My facility does not drug test at hire or randomly, only for cause. I am not aware of alcohol/drug abuse among nurses, but I am sure it happens.

    I have a question. Would nurses on this forum consider the utilization of pain medication by staff to be “drug abuse?”


    Our facility tests randomly but will also test more specifically those who are suspected of substance abuse. In twenty one years, I have been tested three times total! Once on hire, twice on random call.
    I think most facilities do not count pain medication as long as you have a valid prescription for it.
    In my career, I’ve known three RNs who have been dismissed because of drug use.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 12 total)

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